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Design Scams!

"Trust built on nothing is a con."–David Johnson
I am a professional designer of 20 or so years by now. Many of those years were spent grinding away in the Chicago market as a freelancer. In that time I dealt with ALOT of companies. Some were very large, some very small, most were in the middle. Most were legitimate; and a few were a bit iffy. Like many talent-related businesses, there are many war stories about gullible professionals who have been taken advantage of by scammers, dreamers, incompetents, and just plain dirty people.When it comes to scoping out new clients, here are a few rules I've developed over the years:
1) NEVER apply to a "blind box" ad. I've heard that some companies use blind box replies to "keep prospects from calling them all day about the job". These are the classified ads that do not mention the name of the company, a phone number, or even a contact name.
Blind Box Ads are BULLSHIT!
A legit company will let you know who th…